September 10, 2012

I have 2.46 to my name at this point. I get paid Thursday, which means i can buy like 4 things of ramen OR starbucks… I chose starbucks and i’m ok with that choice 

September 3, 2012
to sum up my existence

“So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be.” 
― Stephen ChboskyThe Perks of Being a Wallflower

August 23, 2012
heres my blog.

My friend and I have a blog about being twentysomethings.

We talk about the things nobody bothered to tell us. 

Ch-ch-check it out. 

August 21, 2012
signs part 2

I bought a watch.

i think a sure sign of being an adult is always knowing the date and time, without looking at your cellular device. I never know either. and I am attached to my phone.


i bought a watch yesterday. I feel like they are coming back in style, hardcore, especially the Michael Kors ones? weird.

Well, i really bought it so i would know the actual time at work…i hate not knowing when my shift is over.

Oh and i am going to the gym today because i have been having major body issues. ha 

August 12, 2012
Spice up yo lyfe

The spice girls played that the Olympics closing ceremony.

I danced the entire time. 

kids today barely know who they are, but to me

THEY ARE THE WORLD. A girl group who was sexy and cool and used the words


I was krumping and singing and looking like a fool, but I WAS SO HAPPY.


sure being a twenty something sucks, but there are moments, like your fav musical group singing, that reminds you of how awesome your childhood really was. It also makes you want to have a good life, filled with good memories…



August 10, 2012
Signs part 1

Multiple part series outlining the possible signs of adult hood or regression of the former:

Sign of adulthood: Devoting your entire paycheck to your vehicle. Because as soon as you got paid, all the emergency lights on your dash lit up and gas jumped 20 cents. Crap. 

August 8, 2012
How to deal with a broken heart

What? We still have broken hearts at 20something? Hellsyeah. Frick Frick effin Frick…..yeah that’s pretty much how you deal with it. Bc as soon as you take the time out to grab that ice cream get in the sweats and watch the episode of greys anatomy where meridith tells Dr mcdreamy to “pick me, choose me, love me” while sobbing to super sad music , your friend calls, bc she has a broken heart and of course hers take precedence , bc she is sobbing and swearing and eating your ice cream, doing everything you want to do…..

So how do you deal with a broken heart? You don’t.

But if all else fails…one direction it up baby!! ..ya know, bc they know what makes you beautiful :)

July 31, 2012
the Olympics


Ok. That was for my country.

So, its Olympic time. Too be honest, I have only watched like half of an event, thanks to my new obsession with Friday Night Lights. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. BEST. SHOW. EVER. I remember it stated when I was in High School, but I couldn’t watch it for some reason (got busy) and then I went away to college and I didn’t find out about tv on the internet until too late. But its ok, I am catching up now. 13 episodes in 3 days? Anybody?

But I will resume my Olympic coverage tonight; I am emotionally attached to Michael Phelps. And I love all the young olympians because they get to do what they love


the olympics always remind me of how lame I am. We got 17 year olds getting medals. Like GOLD medals. 15 and 16 year olds competing for the first time and doing awesome. Um, I have been watching these games LONGER than they have been Alive.


Its crazy. And Now I feel super lame.

What have I done as a 22 year old? Isn’t this my “golden age”? Aren’t I supposed to be doing something amazing?

I know I am not an athlete, which is why I can’t get too mad at these AMAZING kids competing. Its takes a lot of discipline and courage to do what they do.

But, I always wanted to make an impact on the world. I wanted to known, not famous, for being a compassionate human being who helped others do great things.

I feel like I am not living up to my potential? I feel stuck.

Hopefully, I can get inspired by these young olympians…and Michael Phelps. Well, he inspires me to do other things…(kidding)  

July 25, 2012

I just found out that my birthday falls on National Tequila Day….


Of course I find out after my day of birth. 


How long has this been going on? 

I’ve got 3 years to make up for next year…

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July 23, 2012
Did I just throw a tantrum?

This is what I just asked myself as I sat at my 8-6 desk job. At 21 my life sucks and nothin is going right.
Remember when we were 2 and it was ok to throw a tantrum? Remember when we were 6 and it was ok to throw a tantrum? Remember when we were 10 and it was ok to throw tantrum? Remember when we were 21 and it was ok to throw tantrum?….yeah, me either.
The sad part is that I was either throwing my tantrum at myself or God, either way I had to deal with all my whining, not my parents. It’s not that I can’t whine to my parents but it would come out like ” my life sucks, he has a gf, my car is done for, I’m not happy, I don’t know what grad school to go to, he has a gf, my friends suck ….”. At age 10 sure, your parents could fix all that …not sure why you would have a car at that age, but at age 21 its out of parental control. O and its pretty much out of your control so don’t try it.
So I whined to God, which no offense ,was frustrating bc I never know if its myself tellin me what I want to hear or God being on my side. Which small voice is not mine, well I guess the small one bc apparently I like to yell at myself. Which brings me to whining to myself. That had to stop, I am so unbareable even I don’t want to have me around. And I constantly remind myself to act my age, stop ugly crying and get it together. You cant do that at work, bathroom or not.
So here I go, putting on my sexy big girl panties and carrying on. Bc at this point the whining has gotten me nowhere….right? Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
So did I just throw a tantrum?? Yes, yes I did. And I’m about to fast ball throw another one